19 de agosto de 2010

I wake up today
Here goes another morning story
I`d dream about this days
Where no one really care the others

No rules no rights no values
No way to make things right
Answers turn into lies
While i go crazy

You fucking asshole
You want to play with me
No time to leave now
I`ll gonna fuck you

For many years asshole
I lost parts of my mind
Trying to understand what are you thinking
You 're carring to the future
All those shit from your past
I cant believe, killing you, losing all what you are dreaming

Take a look around
There is no time, no place
No second round
Im really sick of this
How you give two step forwards and ten back

I got things in my head now
I`ll gonna make my chance
While everyone is so paranoin

Rosario - All The Hats ♥

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